I’m positive there is love everywhere!

I have been seeing love everywhere! In fact, my son said to me this morning that I looked pretty. That’s the definition of love and I’ll tell you why.. I did NOT look pretty when I caught the startling glimpse of myself in the mirror! My hair looks like a purple minion from Despicable Me 2 the movie, I’m wearing crazy pajamas, ( who came up with that name: pajamas!?) my lips are chapped, my eyes are closed and my caffeine has not yet kicked in. Pretty I am not… but that’s my interpretation. My boy loves me at my worst. That’s love.

In fact, I have been seeing, feeling and accepting love so much so that I am wondering why I didn’t before? Could it be that I am evolving as a soul, as a human existing on earth? I think yes and while my journey seems like it is sometimes progressing in slow-mode, I feel as though I am making slight progress and am someone to be proud of. 

When I was out a few weeks ago at one of my favorite coffee shops in Paris, Ontario called The Brown Dog Coffee Shoppe, I slipped into the bathroom to freshen up and noticed this:  ( http://www.browndogcoffeeshoppe.com/ )


If this doesn’t ring true to you especially now in the New Year – then I suggest you re read it until you get it. This message is not for the weak or lazy, not for the self-centered or selfish – it’s the strong, willing and able souls walking this earth now, on this exhilarating journey to take note, and take action. NOT just over the holidays – but every single day. It’s a project for your heart. I’m taking it on, what about you?

(On a side note: Visit beautiful Paris, Ontario. It’s lovely! Best coffee in the area. )

The above chalkboard sign full of inspiration was not all I saw in terms of love and passing on the positive !! No no! I saw another sign and thought to myself : ” this is incredible” –> I never noticed this stuff before and now it’s everywhere.  I’m passing on the positive one blog, one thought, one experience, one movement at a time.

Please pass on the positive !


See the word love? It’s subtle to some but was loud to me!





We talk about and blame “society” all the time.. forgetting that we are the society and we have only ourselves to blame. We can change it if we try! How about starting now. How about changing the way we look at things, so that the things we look at change?